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About Necklace Extenders

After hours of searching, you find the ideal necklace to give your outfit that special touch, but trying it on quickly reveals that it is too short. Adding a necklace extender is a simple way to add inches to a necklace so that it falls to a flattering length. An extender attaches to the jewelry's existing hook and clip to make the chain longer. Extenders are available in lengths from 1 to 5 inches and come in an assortment of finishes. A silver necklace extender easily blends in with a silver-toned necklace so that it is indiscernible. If your skin is easily marred by certain alloys, a 14K gold necklace extender is a terrific choice to protect your sensitive skin. The vast inventory on eBay guarantees that you are able to find an extender that works for you. You can use this versatile accessory on numerous necklaces to temporarily change their lengths. If you love a necklace, do not let a simple thing, such as chain length, keep you from enjoying it. Necklace extenders effortlessly make your jewelry longer so that it complements your appearance and your style.