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About Necklace Clasps

If crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry is your passion, then you know that necklace clasps are pivotal pieces that complete your work. Perhaps you need to repair a costume jewelry necklace clasp that has broken, and are seeking one that fits the style well. There is no right or wrong clasp for your necklace. Choosing a clasp is based on design elements, and the type of piece it secures. It need not be hidden, and is sometimes used as part of the design of the piece. With this style, the shopper looks for the type of base metal and shape that mimics that of the other components of the necklace. When the base metal is sterling silver, find sterling silver necklace clasps designed to meet the needs of lightweight or heavier necklaces, and made for incorporating as a design element, or solely as a functional one. Sterling silver is symbolic of quality as it is 90 percent pure silver mixed with alloys for strength and durability. The color often represents milestones and celebrations in life. Magnetic necklace clasps are made in a variety of base metals, including sterling silver; some are purely functional and others are an interesting design element as well. They are easy to fasten for those less abled with their hands, yet hold necklaces securely. eBay offers a broad selection of new and pre-owned jewelry clasps sold by reliable sellers, so fuel your passion and add to that statement piece.

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