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About NECA Predator

NECA's formation was on the principle that there was money in creating goods for films and franchises that might otherwise be overlooked. The movie "Predator" and its siblings would likely still be suffering from a lack of action figures, but NECA Predator was able to create many representations of the Yautja warrior. As love of the original film grew, so did an entire universe, and it found itself populated with even more of the species and their various enemies. Those looking for the one that started it all probably want to focus on the classic Predator. Expanded universe characters are no less important to many fans, however, and the lore built up around the Yautja species gives them even greater depth. In particular, an Elder Predator holds special esteem for surviving many hunts and is often decorated for it. Figures of these powerful characters make for valued components of collections, and they can all be found pre-loved or new from the reliable sellers on eBay. Regardless of which NECA Predator you're looking for, there is an assured quality and attention to detail due to NECA's dedication to providing quality collectible figures.