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About Neal Adams

You look at the poster of Neal Adams that you purchased from eBay for your son and think about how much of a influence he has played in not only your son’s life, but also in the lives of others throughout the years. This autographed Neal Adams poster is a collector’s item, and it is something that your son has been asking to add to his collection for almost two years. He first became intrigued with Neal Adams’ Batman and has begun studying his other works as well. Just last year, he wrote his term paper on the modern imagery of his DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow. Some of your son’s other work received high praise because it focused on the Neal Adams 23-page story, "No Evil Shall Escape My Sight," which highlighted real-world issues that are faced in an altered reality. Since he liked the poster so much, you’ve decided to try to find a signed copy of this story to give to him as a surprise gift for his upcoming birthday.

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