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After spending years of your life in school and thousands of dollars in tuition, there is no way that you can fail your nursing license test. You need to pass the NCLEX test on the first try, land a job, and start paying back your student loans. Invest in an NCLEX review book to achieve your goal. Any review book should begin with an assessment to help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know where you need improvement, you can better spend your limited study time. If you are a visual learner, look for a book that comes with NCLEX flash cards. You can always make your own flash cards too. Search through the large inventory of both new and used NCLEX books on eBay. If you are going to buy a used copy, focus your search on review books published in the last few years, as the material covered on the NCLEX can change slightly over time. Take advantage of convenient shipping options to have the book delivered quickly so you have as much time as possible to ensure you are well prepared for your exam.