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About Navajo Jewelry

Did you know that the Din? Nation, also known as the Navajo Nation, are the creators of Navajo jewelry? When Atsidi Sani learned how to incorporate silver smithing into creating their already beautiful pieces, it forever changed the way the world would view their jewelry. The Navajo people take pride in their jewelry and it is evident in their craftsmanship. Even in the early 19th century when they were just learning how to incorporate the silver into their pendants and earrings, it is no wonder that people turn to reliable eBay sellers for authentic vintage jewelry. Navajo jewelry appeals to free spirits, especially because of the organic shapes and materials the pieces use. The jewelry makers rarely do anything to alter the stone, but they have been known to polish and carve them for certain pieces. Whether you are fond of turquois stones, the Native American culture and heritage, or you simply like jewelry pieces with a southwestern feel, your Navajo jewelry is sure to delight any onlookers.

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