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About Natural Ruby

Did you know that natural rubies are a variety of the gem species "corundum," the same as sapphires? Although natural processes inside the earth create these gems, the ruby was one of the first gemstones to be artificially created and many are synthetic. These are a product of laboratories, not the earth, and have the same chemical elements and composition as those made by the earth's internal processes and are, therefore, not valuable or rare. A truly natural stone has not had any chemical treatment designed to enhance its color or clarity. Rubies are harder than any other gems except diamonds, making them durable for daily wear. Consider the star ruby, a remarkable creation of nature. It reflects the appearance of a star, or what is called the "cat's eye effect" caused by fibrous inclusions, or cavities, within the stone. The signature red color of the gem is caused by chromium, which varies within each deposit, therefore it isn't possible to determine the source of the deposit from the jewel. A piece of ruby jewelry is a perfect gift for a July birthday, as it is that month's birthstone. A natural ruby ring, earrings, or an elegant pendant make delightful choices for gemstone gifts. Whether you want to dazzle someone else with a gift, or be amazed by your own brilliant taste, find a cache of new and pre-owned natural rubies sold by reliable sellers on eBay.