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About Natural Emerald

Your wife adores natural emeralds that are so pure that they barely have any tint, instead radiating a pure dark emerald green color. With her birthday coming up, you?re thinking of purchasing either a natural emerald ring or a natural emerald necklace for her, and a co-worker suggested shopping on eBay since many of their reliable sellers specialize in natural stone jewelry. Eagerly, you check out the site for yourself and are amazed at both the selection and at the quality of the pieces. You end up purchasing your wife two presents because the values are just so appealing. First, you select a 164 CTS stunning natural green emerald necklace that?s trimmed in white topaz and silver, because you like the fact that each piece is unique and created just for her. The second present that you pick is a brand new and stunning natural 1.05CT emerald 14K white solid gold ring. When you gave your wife her presents, you actually rendered her speechless for the first time you can ever remember, and the look on her face was worth every single penny you spent.