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About Natural Diamonds

The gemologist spends hours studying the tiny diamond under a microscope, taking notes and comparing it against other diamonds. No other gemstone in the world goes through such a strict grading process as a natural diamond, and no other gem is more valuable. It takes Mother Nature millions of years to produce a diamond, and each one has its own particular qualities that make it unique. Only a handful of natural diamonds even come close to a perfect rating, and those that do have a value that is almost impossible to calculate. Even those with a few flaws are very valuable, as any prospective groom shopping for a natural diamond ring can attest. The selection of diamonds on eBay come from sellers all around the world, far surpassing the stock of any local jeweler. All cuts, styles, and colors range from the latest Hearts on Fire diamonds to a genuine rose cut diamond from the Victorian age. Pick from elegant diamond jewelry or select a loose diamond and create your own custom jewelry piece.