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About Native American Rings

You can help support a tribe by buying a unique Native American ring. These beautiful rings are often made of silver, with precious stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, onyx, and carnelian. Coral and Mother of Pearl are also popular materials. Coral is the skeleton of undersea animals called coral polyps, and it is a pink, red, or peach color. Iridescent Mother of Pearl is the inner lining of shells like abalone. Many rings are large, with bold, colorful designs. The Native American turquoise ring is especially popular. The Navajo believe that turquoise would help them with hunting and discovering water. Stones with gray or brown veining or spider web patterns are more valuable. Zuni rings feature delicate inlay work using angular shapes and patterns. Many Hopi rings have stylized people or animals cut into silver. Some are decorated with curving lines and patterns. There are many vintage Native American rings available, but remember that authentic Native American jewelry should come with a certificate of authenticity. You can use convenient shipping found on eBay and reliable sellers to help you find the best Native American ring for you.