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About Native American Costumes

Stand out from the crowd of Disney Pocahontas princesses with a truly authentic Native American costume. Pay homage to your ancestry by getting the details right. There were many different tribes that thrived across the continent, and that gives you a wide choice of looks to work with. Many years ago, Native American clothing varied by the resources available, as well as the climate and different tribal traditions. Many tribes wore similar pieces, such as buckskin breeches, shirts, and tunics, as well as decorative headgear and belts that reflected wealth and status in the tribe. Native Americans were respectful of the resources and used all parts of any animals they hunted, including the fur, teeth, and bones, often using them to decorate their clothing. A Plains Native American girls' costume, for example, normally consisted of a simple dress made of deerskin that included full sleeves and a high, neckline for warmth, while a women's Native American costume from the Southeast might be comprised of a sleeveless one-shoulder dress. One element is consistent, which is the use of bones, feathers, and fur as decorative elements. Browse on eBay for a large selection of Native American clothing and accessories that give you the look you want.