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About Native American Art

In addition to powerful and dramatic ritual, symbolic and scintillating storytelling, and a unique life rhythm that continues to find expression today, one of the greatest aspects of indigenous American culture is Native American art. While it is difficult to describe Native American art as a singularity, since there are hundreds of tribes that each claim their own unique heritage and culture, there are several common threads that many traditions claim. One is an emphasis on natural inspiration. Many of the subjects of Native American Wall Art, for example, are animals, plants, the sun, and other natural symbols. This natural inspiration is often expressed through mediums not found in the Western tradition, such as that of Native American Sand Art. However, many more traditional mediums, such as painting, photography and others, continue to express Native aesthetic and symbolic taste. You can find a wide range of such items on sale from the large inventory on eBay. The Native American art tradition continues to evolve with each tribe, with new and exciting additions made to a proud heritage each year.