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About National Treasures

Sure, as a child you would desperately hope to find one rare card in your pack of baseball cards, maybe just a glimmer of something shiny. Flipping the traditional model on its head, Panini America's National Treasures line of trading cards offers something special in every single pack. This line of cards spans multiple sports, including football and basketball. In addition, the National Treasures line honors not only current players but also legendary greats from the past. As an example, the 2011 National Treasures line included young star Andrew Luck and all-time great Bart Starr. The majority of the cards in the line feature something special, such as an autograph or a piece of game-worn jersey. These cards are treasured by collectors across all sports. Adding to the value placed on the cards by collectors is the fact that they are limited edition and often numbered. Any National Treasures 99/99 cards illustrate that only 99 of those cards were created. The variety of these rare cards is impressive over the years. Thankfully, that variety is only matched by the immense selection offered by the trusted sellers of eBay who can deliver your chosen cards directly to your door.