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About National Cash Registers

Modern point-of-sale systems might be sleek and vast, but the cash registers of early commerce evoke nostalgia through tactile experiences, sounds, smells, and craftsmanship. An antique or vintage National Cash Register makes an attractive decoration or, in the case of operational models, a quaint and simple way to conduct transactions with customers. The oldest models date back to the late 1800s, and most can be dated based on their model numbers. Because of the long history of the National Cash Register company and its products, many people have their registers restored to working order, especially when simple National Cash Register parts need replacing, such as individual keys or clasps on the cash drawer. These registers are extremely heavy, so they require a sturdy support underneath them, such as a counter or table. For many models, universal keys can be found if the original is no longer with the unit, and the vast inventory of official NCR products from sellers on eBay ensures that you can always find accessories to go with your register, from receipt spikes to ornate drawer plates.

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