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About NASCAR Diecast 1:64

When you can't get out to enjoy a NASCAR race, you can at least bring the cars to you with NASCAR diecast 1/64 scale models. These cars are about 3 inches long, and make great gifts and collectibles. For some fans, it is the closest they can ever get to the cars that thunder across their television screen, and for others a reminder that the season is soon approaching. There are as many ways to collect NASCAR diecast 1/64 scale cars as there are cars themselves. You can buy one car a year: perhaps you want to follow a single driver so you first buy the 2012 diecast, and then the 2013 diecast, following up with a new car every year until you have the driver's entire career replicated in miniature. Whether you want a custom NASCAR diecast or one of the standard models, shop on eBay to find new and pre-loved collectibles. Whether you keep them in the boxes or let your children use them as vehicles of their imagination, these cars are a great way to keep the faith with the sport.