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About Napoleon - Coins & Paper Money

Of all of the subjects that you had to take in school, you dreaded history the most, especially when they studies focused on Napoleon. You never could understand why everyone made such a big deal about a dead guy from so long ago, but that was until your father decided to give you a hands-on lesson using both a Napoleon coin and some Napoleon gold he had purchased on eBay. Dad explained to you in terms that you could understand that Napoleon left an impression on his era by demonstrating certain qualities. Dad explained that it was these qualities as a general and as a statesman that made him so important to learn about. He explained that the gold coin that he showed you represented the man’s legacy, and when you asked what that meant, he explained that it is what a man leaves behind after his death that reminds you of his life. Dad went on to tell you that most of the coins that were left behind stood for important events in his life. Thinking back, you remember that after you understood why history was important, you began to appreciate it just a little bit more.