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About Napier - Costumes

The best jewelry does not outshine its wearer; it acts as a mirror to reflect his or her beauty to the world. Napier jewelry is a low-key line of evening jewelry that follows this precise philosophy, avoiding ostentation in favor of subtle enhancement and quiet accentuation of the wearer's complexion, shape, and demeanor. A Napier brooch is a simple piece, varying in composition but essentially minimalist or naturalist depending on the particular item in question, and it is content with a simple mother of pearl panel where another piece may be lavished with diamonds or gold. Napier bracelets also adhere to this philosophy of less is more, tending toward slimness and favoring subtle variations in texture and composition over eye-catching glitz and flash. These pieces of jewelry send a statement no matter where you are, and that statement is one of classical taste and a refined spirit of elegance that recalls the era of Audrey Hepburn and the little black dress. You can find Napier pieces through the vast inventory of jewelry and accessories on eBay.