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About Nancy Drew

The yellow spines of the Nancy Drew books are a welcome and familiar sight for fans, bringing back memories of afternoon hours whiled away with the teenage detective and her friends. The original Nancy Drew set wrapped up in the 1980s and consisted of over 60 books, while other series based on the character, such as the Nancy Drew files and the Nancy Drew Notebooks, added hundreds more titles. Girls from every generation relate well to Nancy, with her attractive looks, her strawberry-blond hair, and her clever, inquisitive nature. Along with her friends Bess and George, her boyfriend Ned, and other recurring characters, Nancy uses her skills, courage, and ingenuity to outwit criminals and solve cases. The fascinating storylines vary in intricacy and intensity, depending on the style of the book's ghostwriter. To reclaim your fond memories of this teenage sleuth, shop on eBay for vintage Nancy Drew books in excellent condition from reliable sellers. Once you receive the books, share them with a young mystery lover and win over another Nancy Drew fan.