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About Nail Polish

Along with many other fascinating items, excavations of royal tombs in ancient Babylonia revealed the first documented manicure sets that were more than five centuries old. Babylonian males wore nail polish fashioned from kohl to distinguish their particular class in society, with higher classes wearing black and lower classes sporting a green shade. These days, men and women of all classes, ages, shapes, and sizes paint their nails. Nail-painting aficionados can find a variety of nail products on eBay offered by reliable sellers. Those looking for a range of vibrant colors at affordable prices might appreciate a nail polish lot with cream, glitter, and frosted lacquers. Other adventurous fashionistas may prefer crackle nail polishes to create a unique crackled appearance when dry. Whether painting fingernails, toenails, or both, buyers can use nail polish to reflect any personality with bold colors, muted pastels, or bright neon shades. The immense shopping site also offers a variety of acrylic nails, manicure kits, and nail stickers for further nail adornment and maintenance.