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About Nail Files

Imagine being at an event where appearance is everything, when you suddenly break or chip a nail. With a nail file in hand, you have little to worry about. On-the-go cosmetic care and repair may not be something you want to deal with, but the good news is that with the right supplies, you can fix a nail anytime, anywhere. Files are made from several different materials, including metal, glass, and cardboard. Metal files are too harsh for natural nails, so they should only be used on acrylics or gels. Emery boards, made of cardboard, are the most versatile due to the large range of grit they offer. For natural nails, use files with a grit of 240 or higher. Only use lower numbered grits on acrylics since they are too harsh for natural nails and may cause breaking or cracking. Glass files are also a good option for natural nails because they offer an extremely fine grit. All of these varieties of files are available through reliable sellers on eBay, so be sure to stock up and carry one with you at all times. Turn a crisis into nothing more than a small hiccup in your evening with a handy nail file in your purse.