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About Nail Arts

Nail your own personal style by letting it shine out where everyone can see it — right on your nails. Whether you prefer flirty, flashy, or refined but fabulous, nail art lets you create a look that is unique. You can decorate your fingers and toes to match with sunny scenes or tropical flowers during hot summer sandal weather, and play up bold fingernail designs for special occasions and holidays. Rhinestones affixed to your fingernails, whether one, two, or all 10, give you extra glitz for a celebratory dinner, hot concert, or New Year's Eve party. Put on a different nail art look for each holiday, with hearts for Valentine's Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, colored eggs or bunnies for Easter, flags for Fourth of July, scary jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and snowmen for the winter holidays. If you do not want to try your hand at painting freehand or using a nail polish pen, nail art stickers make it easy to create just the design you want. The large inventory of nail art on eBay can help you get started with simple nail designs and work your way up to artistic nail creations for yourself and your friends.