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About Nail

Sport perfectly manicured nails with unique designs that speak volumes about your character and personality. There is a large inventory of nail art products and accessories available on eBay that can help you achieve the look you want. Acrylic polishes are the least expensive and easiest to apply, but are prone to chipping and smudging with time. On the other hand, more expensive gel polishes take longer to apply, as they need to be cured under UV lamps — however, they offer a smudge- and chip-free finish, and only need to be re-applied to new nail growth about every two weeks. Regardless of the type of polish, use a white polish as a basecoat to make the colors layered on top pop, since the natural hue of your fingers alters the color of polish. If you do not have a steady hand, invest in art pens, as they have finer bristles than normal polishes, and allow for better control. You can easily draw on lines and other designs. Art stickers are also a great way of spicing up the design. To prevent the stickers from peeling off, add them on top of the color polish, and seal with a clear topcoat.