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About myTouch 3G Slide

Choosing a cell phone can be like choosing a pair of shoes for many people. They want something they can use, but still look fashionable, such as the hip MyTouch 3G Slide. One of its unique features is a full QWERTY keyboard, perfect for those who hate virtual keyboards and suffer from too-large fingers or autocorrect misfortunes. It feels solid, so you don't have to worry about dropping it on the dance floor while texting your ex at 3 a.m., although you'll probably want to get a compatible MyTouch 3G Slide screen protector to preserve its capacitive touchscreen. The MyTouch 3G Slide is available in red, white, and black, and you easily find these and compatible accessories like a slide case and replacement battery from many reliable sellers on eBay. So before you leave out the front door, put your best foot forward and then go out confidently with your new smartphone, which may make everyone around you jealous.

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