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About MyMathLab

There is no negotiating with the college about your degree requirements, so you absolutely need to pass that math class. Fortunately, your textbook from Pearson Education has an accompanying online program called MyMathLab. Even if your professor does not require this program, you can still buy a MyMathLab access code. This code allows you to take advantage of practice problems and tests, as well as video lectures. If you are stuck on a problem, the program can give you hints to help you solve it. If your class is online only, or if you have to miss class occasionally, a MyMathLab student access kit is a lifesaver. You can buy the access code directly from the publisher, but you may get a better deal by buying it online. Search on eBay for MyMathLab, or for a combined deal that includes both your textbook and the access code. The reliable sellers on eBay have a huge inventory, so you should have no trouble finding what you need. And with the amount of money your degree costs, it is worth investing a little more to make sure you pass that one math class.