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About MXL

Ever dream of becoming a singer, broadcaster, or DJ? Aside from skill and talent, the right equipment also helps you get far, including a microphone designed by MXL. A high-quality microphone helps create the professional sound you want. Unfortunately, your laptop's tiny microphone might not be able to do the job and you get you noticed by agents and your peers. With a professional mic from MXL, record the purest sound in the studio, on the field, or during a live performance. The MXL V69, for example, is a condenser mic that records very high-quality tones, making it ideal for people who want to be the next pop or R&B sensation. For Barry White wannabes, the V67G studio mic adds smooth, velvety tones to any voice. Whatever sound you're looking for, eBay has the new and used professional microphones for you. So warm up your voice, turn down the lights, and start recording your next hit song.