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About MX Boots

There are days when you choke on the dust kicked up by the riders ahead of you, and there are days when you do all of the kicking. No matter where you are in the racing lineup, your MX boots, your V2 racing helmet, and your nerves of steel are always riding shotgun. The large inventory of racing gear on eBay means that outfitting yourself or your entire team is a whole lot easier than winning races. Pick up a pair of youth MX boots for the little one on the list. With their genuine leather uppers, the polyurethane and rubber heavy-lug soles, and the polycarbonate skid plates, these boots are definitely not made for walking, because walking is entirely too slow. Two-stage metal buckles mean these boots fit precisely, and are easy to adjust, while the steel toe end-cap means total protection in the tough turns. The heavy leather burn guard on the inside of the calf makes all MX boots capable of withstanding those high engine and muffler temperatures when you are spending all your time running circles on the dirt track.

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