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About Mustard Seeds

You have probably heard someone say a friend wears his or her "heart on their sleeve," but you may not have considered how often we wear our faith around our neck, with jewelry that symbolizes various religious beliefs all over the world. While Christians are mostly associated with wearing necklaces featuring crosses, the parable of the mustard seed as a symbol of Biblical faith is a longstanding Christian tradition. The most popular option is the mustard seed necklace, as it is perfect for someone who wants to keep a reminder of faith close to the heart. There are a wide variety of these necklaces, including glass-encased seeds, seeds placed within a Tree of Life pendant, or seeds within a clover for a combination of luck and faith. If you prefer bracelets instead of necklaces, you can always consider a mustard seed charm. These charms are designed to match numerous styles of bracelets and are available in new and vintage conditions. With hundreds of jewelry styles to choose from, combinations to create and convenient shipping options, you are sure to find the right mustard seed to express your faith, love and spirituality.