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About Mustang Stripes

In the early days of auto racing, stripes on the sides and hoods of the cars let pit crew members and fans identify the drivers on the track. This tradition remains popular with Mustang fans that like to customize their cars with Mustang stripes along the hoods, fenders, and bumpers, or that want to create a clone of their favorite specialty Mustang. Whether you need to copy the original factory installed Mustang vinyl stripes to complete your restoration of a Boss 302 or Mach I, or want to create your own design, these decals add to your car's personality and turn it into a work of art. You can find an assortment of Mustang stripes designed for each generation of Ford's pony car on eBay. Trusted sellers on the site offer everything from complete kits that give you the tools and materials you need to put Mustang racing stripes on your car to individual vinyl stripes that give you more customized options for your steed. The stripes do not change the performance of your car, but they do make it look better as you drive around town.