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About Mustang Shifters

Your very own, candy-apple-red, 1965 Mustang is almost finished, and you cannot wait to get it out on the road. All that you have left are the little details that will make it awesome, like the Mustang shifter for your transmission you still need to get. These come in a variety of styles, and you can pick and choose which one you like best. The reliable sellers on eBay have them available for manual or automatic transmissions. You can even find some that have a custom Mustang shifter knob already attached. This can be the crowning glory to your restored interior. For a manual transmission, look for a new Mustang shifter boot. Ones from back in the day are probably not in the greatest of shape, but they have not changed much, so a new one will look great as well. Get your Mustang shifter parts fast with the convenient shipping options available from sellers on eBay, and take advantage of their Mustang knowledge as well. You will have your dream car on the road before you know it.