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About Mustang Headers

Driving down the highway and slamming on the gas you feel the power this Ford has to offer but you want more. The quickest place to start is on the exhaust, so you believe it is time to look for some performance Mustang headers. A vehicle's headers allow the engines fumes to be filtered and flow quietly through the exhaust pipes. The standard header on a Ford Mustang features a design optimal for a balanced performance of both fuel efficiency and power. Unfortunately the smaller tube designs can decrease the engines overall horsepower. There are several different types of performance headers available such as Mustang shorty headers, which are produced to offer more power between the lower-mid rev ranges, although the power does not stay consistent in the higher rev ranges. Mustang long tube headers offer the ladder, and increase more power between mid-higher rev ranges, offering a higher peak power but not without sacrificing low-end power. With the abundant options available for performance Mustang headers finding the perfect fit is not without headache. Fortunately, the reliable sellers on eBay offer detailed inventory and make the process of purchasing stress free.

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