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About Muscle Bikes

Getting around town in style does not have to mean driving around in a gas guzzling, oversized vehicle. Peddling a muscle bike keeps your body in shape and helps you look good as you get where you need to go. With simple gear systems in place and fat white-wall road tires in the front and back, muscle bikes are designed for sidewalk and street riding with ease. Traditional muscle bikes have solid chrome bodies painted a variety of vibrant colors such as red, blue, and even pink. Many vintage options still have their original paint jobs in place. Choose a chopper-style muscle bike with block handlebars and a curvy body to be your riding "horse" in shining armor. Perhaps a laid back Stingray muscle bike with a banana seat and high rise handlebars is more your style. Of course, if you prefer a 5-speed experience you do not want to overlook a Ramshorn vintage muscle bike in a rare coppertone color. Celebrate the tradition of cycling by riding your very own muscle bike, which you can select from the large inventory on eBay.

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