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About Murano Glasses

With layers of molten glass fused to form unique and vibrant shapes, Murano glass is a product often collected by lovers of beautiful objects. Created on the Venetian island of Murano, this glassware has graced homes for centuries. Artisans continue to manufacture beautiful glass using age-old techniques. Because these techniques originated in 8th century Rome, many products feature Asian and Muslim influences. Whether you are looking for items as small as Murano glass beads or as large as a chandelier, you can find a variety of unique Murano items through reliable sellers on eBay in new and used condition. Colorful Murano products make treasured gifts. Consider exquisite jewelry for a special someone or a colorful Murano glass bowl for a newly married couple. Other popular creations include figurines, vases, and lamps fashioned from Murano glass. Quick and easy purchasing on the site and convenient shipping make your shopping experience as smooth as glass.