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About Munchkin

There is only one role-playing game that lets you wear the Boots of Butt-Kicking, steal your friends treasures, and challenge the Potted Plant. It is the Munchkin game; a comical, yet fun, game that appeals to RPG players with a sense of humor. You can get the standard, award-winning game or the newer editions, such as Munchkin Bikes. Those who have one of the complete card games can also get expansion sets to add onto their deck. Spice up your game with the Munchkin Zombies expansion pack or go to space with the Star Munchkin pack. The company even came up with a few individual game pieces, such as in A Booster Chair Munchkin promo card that allows you to draw two extra treasures if you beat a monster. Find new or used sets from reliable sellers on eBay. The next game night party you host with your friends will have plenty of laughs, triumphs, theft, and Munchkin card game butt-kicking.