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About Mummy Costumes

With a groan the sarcophagus lid slides back to reveal a human form shrouded from head to foot in linen wrappings, crowned and mantled in gold, which slowly rises from the depths of its entombment. The mummy costume is a Halloween classic, a throwback to the days when Hammer Horror films were the apex of fright-night entertainment. Easy to wear and easy to embellish with funereal paste jewelry, a women's mummy costume gives you the quiet solemnity of a buried pharaoh in full regalia. A men's mummy costume achieves much the same effect, draping you in linen wrappings that convey both majesty and decrepitude. Throw in a little stiff-legged walking and tortured groaning and you have the perfect Boris Karloff callback with which to venture out into the night or haunt your costume party. You can purchase a mummy costume from dependable sellers on eBay who offer access to huge inventories of costumes and costume supplies perfect for assembling your Halloween getup. They also offer fast and reasonable shipping options to all customers.