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About Multimeters

Get the multimeter, was your dad's ready response when tricky gadget repairs stumped him. That was the response you adopted with your kids when bonding with them during your weekend DIY projects. Your dad's analog multimeter had a pair of knobs, a pair of hook clips, and a pointer that swept over a calibrated scale. You remembered how much you enjoyed watching the needle come alive and jerk crazily across the scale before quivering in place. The numerical readout of a digital multimeter never looks as cool as the analog needle but it is more sensitive and accurate. However, both multimeters measure voltage, resistance, and current equally well. With the large inventory of test equipment offered by reputable sellers on eBay, you can easily find both types of multimeter. Your kids may prefer the counting numbers of the digital meter but you will always find that sweeping needle of the analog meter fascinating.