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About Multi Chargers

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In today?s wired world, it?s not uncommon for individuals to own two or more mobile devices, making a multi-charger a sensible choice. With so many devices, it?s nearly impossible to keep up with which cord fits which device, and to find enough power outlets in the home to handle the cords. By using a multi-battery charger from reliable eBay sellers, electronics users can free up outlet space and reduce the number of cords. Contrary to popular mythology, lithium-ion batteries don?t have the same memory problems as the older nickel cadmium batteries. It?s not recommended to allow a lithium battery to run down completely; in fact, keeping the charge between 40 and 80 percent helps to extend the life of the cell. Charging can be safely accomplished using a wall outlet charger, or a multi-USB charger. When storing a device powered by a lithium ion battery, be sure to allow for the inevitable "leakage" of power, by leaving it charged about halfway: this will prevent the battery from running out of power. Taking care of your battery with a multi-charger helps extend its lifespan, keeping your technology working longer.