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About Mugen Grille

When you first bought your Honda Accord, it was the perfect machine, but now it seems to have lost that magic sparkle that made it look radiant. What you do not know is that something as small as the Mugen grille may be the missing piece to the puzzle. The Honda Accord Mugen grille is made of ABS plastic, enabling it to remain strong even after prolonged use. It is normally black in color and features vents that allow air to flow freely into the engine as you cruise along highways and city streets. There are four little bolt extensions that allow you to slip the Accord Mugen grille into place and then fasten it using high-quality bolts. A wide selection of Mugen grilles is available on eBay through reliable sellers with convenient shipping options and affordable pricing. Once you install the grille, you are sure to notice your car is looking sporty and new.