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About MTD

In the heat of summer, your family loves to play, cookout, and relax in your yard or garden, but right now the grass is so high, it is more like a jungle. It is time for an MTD lawn mower. MTD is a world leader in the world of outdoor power equipment, and is a company founded on the values of integrity and hard work. MTD riding mowers and tractors are ideal for larger lawns of half an acre or more. These machines are versatile tools for yard work; you can buy add-on attachments for bagging, hauling, snow removal, and more. For flat yards that are less than half an acre in size, an MTD push mower is great. These walk-behind mowers give you the performance and power you need for a trim, tidy lawn. The reliable sellers on eBay also offer a wide array of used MTD lawn mower parts and attachments. There are replacement assemblies for steering, joints, and more. Also, you can look for mower attachments, such as leaf and grass baggers, or shop for snow blower and snowplow attachments for the winter months.