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About MSD 6AL

You have spent months planning, designing, and collecting components for your hot rod, preparing for the moment when you can experience the incredible capabilities you have built into your custom vehicle and enjoy the thrill of taking your creation onto the open road. By installing an MSD 6AL box as one of the finishing touches of your customization project, you can boost your horsepower and throttle response for better performance. MSD 6AL boxes are able to provide multiple sparks during the ignition process rather than the single spark produced in a conventional engine. This not only makes ignition faster, but also provides a hotter, more intense spark, so all of the fuel mixture is ignited. Total lighting of the fuel results in greater power and efficiency, both of which are highly desirable qualities in performance hot rods and racing vehicles. MSD 6AL ignition kits provide everything you need to outfit your vehicle with a multi-spark ignition system. The vast inventory on eBay allows you to browse through a variety of MSD 6AL options to enhance your performance and maximize what your vehicle can do.

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