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About Mr Potato Head

His bright colors and many interchangeable parts have made Mr. Potato Head one of the most comical and beloved toys in history. You can pick up the toy along with a huge selection of parts to dress up the potato any way you choose. If you are looking for head parts only, eBay has a wide selection of these items to help you customize your figure in new ways. Or, if you want to obtain a high number of items at once, seek out a Mr. Potato Head lot. Lots include a variety of pieces, and they can be a fun way to obtain a diverse collection of items at a low price. Vintage toys in the line are popular with collectors, and you can find some of these items in their original packaging. Special editions are also available, such as Mr. Potato Head as Darth Vader or Elvis. Do not forget about the missus, either. Reliable sellers offer Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head sets in varying conditions on the site. New items are a safe bet for obtaining quality parts, while used items are a good way to save money. Start mixing and matching parts to cook up your own unique Mr. Potato Head.