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About Mr Coffee

Every morning you get up and put on a fresh pot of steaming hot coffee. Today, however, your reliable Mr. Coffee maker is refusing to cooperate. Resisting the urge to scream and yell at an inanimate object, you get a fresh cup of takeout coffee, and then set about finding a new coffee maker. You turn your search to the reliable sellers on eBay, where you know you have a wide selection of coffee pots right under your nose. You scoff as you see a Mr. Coffee 4-cup brewer, knowing you would have to brew at least 10 pots of coffee a day to satisfy your caffeine needs. Moving on, you finally find an upgraded version of your Mr. Coffee 12-cup brewer. Your current one, despite its blinking, sputtering state, lasted you over 10 years, and you are sticking with what works. It even has an option to brew a single cup of coffee directly into your travel mug for days when you live on the go. Now, if only your Mr. Coffee maker could read your mind and brew the coffee automatically, you would be set.

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