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About Mr Clean

For the best in cleansers, Mr. Clean handles walls, floors, bathroom and more without any problems. One of the more versatile products, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser features micro scrubbers that get into textures and grooves in the surfaces and lifts out dirt. Activated by water, this cleansing sheet works well on baseboards, blinds, walls, and other surfaces to remove scuffmarks and ground in dirt. It also comes in bath and kitchen scrubber formulas offered by trusted sellers on eBay. For difficult areas, the Mr. Clean Magic Reach tool provides an extendable wand for high areas and mopping. Working with disposable Mr. Clean pads, you can use the rod for scrubbing showers or bathtubs without having to get on your hands and knees. Remove the scrubbing pad from the tool, and you can use the pad to do sinks and countertops without owning multiple cleaners. Finally, the rod expands from short reach to a floor-size mop to finish the job with mopping pads. Mr. Clean makes the job easier on you. So why scrub on your hands and knees ever again?