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About Mr Christmas

Christmas isn?t about the gifts, the money, or the hustle and bustle?it?s about the memories, and time spent with the family. Help make your family?s memories a little more magical with a wide variety of decorations from Mr. Christmas. With decorations available for the house, the tree, and outdoors, it?s easy to make sure everyone has a way to pitch in. Let the kids help pick out their favorite ornaments, and help set up a Mr. Christmas animated village for each of their rooms. With a Goodnight Lights Santa ornament, bedtimes will be easier, when the kids have the chance to blow out the lights of their own Christmas tree. Meanwhile, keep dad busy outside the house, setting up a projector and the Mr. Christmas lights and sounds box so that every the people driving by will be able to see the Christmas spirit in your seasonal light show. Make sure you?re ready to get everyone together with help from eBay?s reliable sellers: Shop for everything you could need to make your Christmas sparkle. You can even find your own red suit if Santa needs a little help, but you?ll have to find your own reindeer.