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About Mr Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash, street artist Thierry Guetta, is an enigmatic artist known for satirizing pop culture art, altering famous images into something new, kind of. You might wonder if graffiti, stencils, and graphic designs are the stuff of artists. Mr. Brainwash addresses, maybe accidentally purposeful, the post script of art — what ignites after the paint dries. Mr. Brainwash's visions are nothing if not thought-provoking, or maybe just provoking. He was sued for using copyrighted photos in his art while also hired to design cover art for Madonna's album. It is this juxtaposition, in both life and art, that fuels interest. There is a large inventory of Mr. Brainwash art on eBay, from silkscreen prints to posters. Some prints are signed, numbered, and fingerprinted in true Mr. Brainwash fashion. From the tweaked "Mona Lisa Vintage" and "Chocolate Vandal" to Mr. Brainwash's Warholesque "Tomato Spray," this pop-graffiti artwork will invoke a reaction and therein is the art.