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About Mozart

At the age of 4, when most kids are learning that tying their own shoes is harder than it looks, Mozart was already composing his own music. By 5, he was performing in front of audiences. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart traveled Europe with his father to showcase his talent and learn from the masters. On his journeys, he met Bach, which was his introduction to baroque music. Upon hearing a piece, he could flawlessly write the musical score, leading to the first unauthorized copy of "Miserere." His need to constantly pursue new forms of classical music meant Mozart enjoyed great success and fame at times in his life. More than 200 years later, his music is still celebrated and enjoy by people the world over. His sonatas and piano concertos are performed time and time again. Allow his songs to lull you to sleep with a new CD or learn to emulate the master yourself by buying a book of sheet music. eBay sellers have new and used copies of Mozart's music available no matter you preferred medium.