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About Movie Magazines

It is a rainy Saturday and as you carefully boil water for tea, craving comfort you look for a soft place to call home for next few hours. The armchair calls your name, the perfect spot as you gather up your favorite movie magazines, finish steeping that tea, and snuggle down for a few hours of simple bliss. The appeal of stars, their lives, and the entertainment everyone shares drives not only Hollywood itself, but the publications which make the movies, and those in them, their business. People love to glimpse behind the scenes of their favorite blockbuster or peek into the lives of the starlet who acts each scene. Indeed, this obsession is nothing new, old movie magazines exist as far back as old movies. Those who love vintage magazines such as Cine Monde, Movie Life, and Movie Mirror, need look no farther than eBay where sellers provide all sorts of old, but still alluring movie treasures. As the thunder rumbles outside your home, you quietly sip you tea and exhale. It may be nasty outside, but in here, all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is just a page away.