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About Movie Costumes

An authentic movie prop costume lets you step into the shoes of the characters you love. Did you ever wonder what it might be like to wear Batman's utility belt? Maybe you have dreamed of being a ninja turtle since childhood. With every major blockbuster, new movie prop costumes fill the market for occasions such as Halloween or industry conventions. Nevertheless, this is not just little kid stuff. In 2010, around 130,000 people attended the San Diego Comic-Con, many of whom dressed as their favorite characters from iconic films. The trusted sellers on eBay feature a number of movie quality costumes and accessories, from Neo's glasses to Harry Potter's wand, and even a full Iron Man costume. Movie replica costumes made to look exactly like those used in the films may not be worn; instead serving as unique pop culture decorations in the home. If you have seen someone on the silver screen, you can probably find their likeness for sale. In addition, with convenient shipping choices available, families can complete their Hollywood look without revealing their secret identity.