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About Mouth Masks

As you walk, run, or cycle around town, your nose and mouth are vulnerable to bacteria, dust, pollen, insects, and many other pests and pollutants waiting to ruin your day. If you want to safeguard your body by shielding your airway and lungs, consider investing in mouth masks. A simple black mouth mask covers your mouth, and usually your nose as well. It stays in place by virtue of two straps, one behind each ear. The straps are typically elastic, meaning that the mask can easily fit almost anyone. If you intend to wear a mask to shield yourself from bugs while riding a motorcycle, you may choose a mask with a more intimidating design, such as one that shows a smiling skull mouth in place of your own. Of course, women may choose to go the opposite way and look for something more feminine. In that case, they can instead opt for a set of cute and colorful gauze mouth masks that are decorated with hearts, flowers, or other attractive patterns. There are masks suitable to protect any personality within the vast inventory on eBay.