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About Mountain Paintings

Not everyone can enjoy the majestic sight of a towering range outside their windows, but a home decorated with a mountain painting or two may be the next best thing. Artists have long been entranced by towering peaks and lush landscapes; leading to a plethora of mountain scene paintings. Whether you spend every weekend hiking or are more comfortable curled up on your couch, these paintings allow anyone who sees them to experience nature's beauty in a unique way. Seeing a mountain through an artist's eye provides a new perspective, allowing you to decorate your home with particular views of your favorite peaks. If you prefer wildlife to simple rock and stone, you can find a variety of paintings depicting mountain-bred fauna. You can even celebrate a beloved hiking or camping area by finding a mountain oil painting that focuses on a specific range. eBay's reliable sellers make it easy to experience the grandeur of your favorite cliff or mountain stream in the comfort of your own home. Bring nature's finest sights to your living room with a colorful mountain painting.