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About Mountain Bike Shorts

Few activities can be more fun and exhilarating than riding down the natural dirt trails on your prized mountain bike. When you find yourself riding on some tough terrain, however, you need to be ready with the most comfortable outfit possible, and that means a soft, padded pair of mountain bike shorts. Sweat-resistant and breathable, padded mountain bike shorts add an extra layer of softness to the seat for extra comfort. Soft, cushioning material makes every bump a breeze, no matter how fast you like to take the trail. Cooling fabric stitching make for shorts that will not let you overheat on those hot days. Brand new women's and men's mountain bike shorts abound from the reliable sellers on eBay and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. The next time you hit the trail with your bike, make sure you wear a comfortable pair of brand new mountain bike shorts so you can enjoy the trail for hours at a time.